6HPOLHTHSKARDIASMOU160X105      I was born in 1959 in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala, where I completed my secondary education. Then I finished my ABC drawing and painting course. I have been painting for 37 years, 20 of them parallel to my business.
  1988 group exhibition in Kavala (library)
  1989 solo exhibition in Kavala (chamber)
  1990 solo exhibition in Drama (chamber)
  1991 solo exhibition in Eleftheroupoli (town hall)
  1994 solo exhibition in Thassos (Xenia hotel)
  1994 group exhibition in Kavala (chamber)
  2017 solo exhibition in Eleftheroupoli (private space)
  2017 group exhibition in Thessaloniki (MYRO GALLERY)
  2019 group exhibition in Thessaloniki (French Institute)
I am constantly striving to enrich my artistic training and experience by studying art and visiting museums and galleries.

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